The Solution & How to Restore Your Roof

Have your roof professionally cleaned and maintained. Here at Essential Brand in Powell, TN. we have the skills and the experience to not only give your roof a new look but to also extend the life of it! These days there are many forms of living organisms that can grow on rooftops and it is important to have them removed properly and safely.

At Essential Pressure Wash when washing your roof we use a 100% biodegradable solution that is applied to the roof in one or two same-day rounds (a third round may be necessary for substantial organic growth). We then use a low-pressure rinse process to wash all black algae, moss, and lichen away from the surface of the roof. With this technique, organic matter is killed down to the roots permanently, keeping roofs clear for several years.

Your property is our number one priority and all landscaping is carefully protected during our cleanings and all work is guaranteed.